Wikipedia: Raising of Chicago

During the 19th century, the elevation of the Chicago area was not much higher than the shorelines of Lake Michigan. The lack of drainage caused unpleasant living conditions, and standing water harbored pathogens that caused numerous epidemics. In 1856, engineer Ellis S. Chesbrough drafted a plan for the installation of a city-wide sewerage system. Workers then laid drains, covered and refinished roads and sidewalks with several feet of soil, and raised most buildings to the new grade with hydraulic jacks.

In January 1858, the first masonry building in Chicago to be thus raised—a four story, 21 m long, 750-ton brick structure situated at the north-east corner of Randolph Street and Dearborn Street—was lifted on two hundred jackscrews to its new grade, which was 1.88 m higher than the old one, “without the slightest injury to the building.”

Many of central Chicago’s hurriedly erected wooden frame buildings were now considered wholly inappropriate to the increasingly wealthy city. Rather than raise them several feet, proprietors often preferred to relocate these old frame buildings. Consequently, the practice of putting the old multi-story, intact and furnished wooden buildings on rollers and moving them to the outskirts of town or to the suburbs was so common as to be considered nothing more than routine traffic.

Traveller David Macrae wrote incredulously, “Never a day passed during my stay in the city that I did not meet one or more houses shifting their quarters. One day I met nine. Going out Great Madison Street in the horse cars we had to stop twice to let houses get across.

Anime Gems season 4: The Devil is a Part-Timer

So there is this evil Overlord Satan, King of Demons – a character who has been getting lots of anime screen time recently. And the armies of the world of Ente Isla assemble their bravest heroes, to fight the demon hordes and end the tyranny of evil. There is a great showdown and the heroes clash with the Demon King and First General, and a rift in space and time opens, through which the two are teleported to another world.

From there on, things go awry. They’ve ended up in modern day Tokyo, a decidedly un-magic place, so their magic powers don’t regenerate. The Demon Lord and his First General end up living together as roommates in a tiny, run-down apartment, and the former one starts working part-time at a certain burger joint. Short-term goals involve becoming a shift manager and using the employee bonus program to eventually achieve world domination.

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Dev Notes: Seamless LODs, pt. 2 – Normal interpolation

It’s been a while since the last post in this series, in which I described how to gradually blend geometric levels of detail. Now that we have seamless geometry, it’s time to compute the geometry normals, so we can tell in which way the terrain is oriented relative to a light source, and calculate the lightness.

Now, this whole article is just a workaround for a very basic problem – a problem that might not even exist if it wasn’t for the strange ways the OpenGL API has grown and mutated over the years. Continue reading Continue reading