Wikipedia: Hollywood Freeway chickens

The Hollywood Freeway chickens are a colony of feral chickens that live under the Vineland Avenue off-ramp of the Hollywood Freeway (U.S. Route 101) in Los Angeles, California.

It is not definitively known how they came to be there, although news stories generally ascribe them to an overturned poultry truck.

Chickens underneath the Vineland off-ramp became local celebrities upon their arrival sometime around 1970. By 1976, the flock included about 50 of the chickens, described as Rhode Island Reds. The first colony at the Vineland ramp has spread and there is now a second colony at the Burbank ramp, two miles away.

Wikipedia: Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil is a 2,060 kmĀ² area along the border between Egypt and Sudan, which is claimed by neither country.

Its terra nullius status results from a discrepancy between the straight political boundary between Egypt and Sudan established in 1899, and the irregular administrative boundary established in 1902. Egypt asserts the political boundary, and Sudan asserts the administrative boundary, with the result that the Hala’ib Triangle is claimed by both, and Bir Tawil by neither.

With no third state claiming the neglected area, Bir Tawil is one of the few land areas of the world not claimed by any recognised state. Egypt arguably still administers the territory, but it is not marked as Egyptian on government maps.

Due to its status as de jure unclaimed territory, multiple individuals and organizations have attempted to claim Bir Tawil. However, due to the remoteness and hostile climate of the region, the vast majority of these claims have been by declarations posted online from other locations. One exception is Jeremiah Heaton, an American citizen who traveled to Bir Tawil in 2014 to claim the region as a new sovereign state.

Wikipedia: Digital sundial

A digital sundial is a clock that indicates the current time with numerals formed by the sunlight striking it.

Like a classical sundial, the device is purely passive and contains no moving parts. It uses no electricity nor other manufactured sources of energy. The digital display changes as the sun advances in its daily course.

There are two basic types of digital sundials. One construction uses optical waveguides, while the other is inspired by fractal geometry. The first prototype of the [fractal] device was constructed in 1994. In 1998 for the first time a fractal sundial was installed in a public place (Genk, Belgium). There exist window and tabletop versions as well.

Wikipedia: Explosively pumped flux compression generator

An explosively pumped flux compression generator (EPFCG) is a device used to generate a high-power electromagnetic pulse by compressing magnetic flux using high explosive.

An EPFCG package that could be easily carried by a person can produce pulses in the millions of amperes and tens of terawatts, exceeding the power of a lightning strike by orders of magnitude.

Explosively pumped flux compression generators are popular as power sources for electronic warfare devices known as transient electromagnetic devices that generate an electromagnetic pulse without the costs and side effects of a nuclear weapon.

The first work on these generators was conducted by the VNIIEF center for nuclear research in Sarov at the beginning of the 1950s followed by Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States.