Dev Notes: Seamless LODs, pt. 1

In my previous articles, I’ve often mentioned Levels of Detail (LOD). In a nutshell, it means that things that are further away get rendered with a lower amount of detail. Since there is only limited memory and computational power available, it makes sense to put more effort into rendering things that are closer to the camera.

When rendering terrain, the typical approach is to divide the total area into multiple layers or rings that are centered on the camera position. Each layer will be rendered with about the same detail “count”. That means that they all have the same amount of detail relative to their area, but the bigger, outer layers will have a lower absolute amount of detail. These rings are called Levels of Detail. Continue reading Continue reading

Anime Gems Season 4: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

To keep up with modern times, old widow Isohata decides to turn her curry restaurant into a maid cafe, and blackmails teenager Hotori into part-time working as a waitress. It’s a slow and quiet town and neither of them have much of an idea what a maid cafe actually is, so the Maid Seaside CafĂ© ends up being a curry shop that also serves coffee, and where the local shopkeepers hang out after work. Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Strategic steam reserve

A Strategic steam reserve (SSR) is a collection of withdrawn steam locomotives which is kept in working order for possible use in a national emergency. During the Cold War several countries, including Sweden and the Soviet Union, kept SSRs and the United Kingdom is reported to have done so, albeit without hard evidence.

Many European railways have a large mileage which is electrified. In the event of a war, or major natural disaster, electricity supplies could be disrupted and electric locomotives would be unworkable. Diesel locomotives could also be at risk for two reasons:

– supplies of imported oil might be cut off,
– solid state components in diesel locomotives might be destroyed by the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a nuclear weapon.

The alleged British ‘Strategic Reserve’ is a potent and frequently recurring urban myth amongst railway enthusiasts. Following the complete withdrawal of mainline steam traction in 1968, the myth persisted for decades that a reserve of locomotives had been retained for such a strategic purpose. As no official reserve existed, nor was any reserve obviously visible, this encouraged many fanciful explanations for where the reserve might be hidden, usually in some tunnel or mine. One theory even claimed that the growing steam preservation movement was itself the Strategic Reserve.

Ghost Surface

Anime Gems is on season break and will return shortly! In the meantime, here’s a not-quite-a-review of Ghost in the Shell:ARISE.

Ghost in the Shell is one of the most successful classic anime franchises with two cinematic movies, one movie length OVA, an original two season TV series and, most recently, the new ARISE prequel series. The original ARISE started airing in 2013, one hour per episode, and a six month release interval for a total of four episodes. As of this spring season, the episodes are being aired as alternate TV format cuts with two 20 minute parts per original episode. A new cinematic movie is to be released this summer.
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