Fast times with Windows Phone, part one

A few weeks ago I felt like doing something silly, so I bought a Nokia Lumia 530, because that’s the cheapest windows phone available. Prior to this I had poked around in Visual Studio 2013 and the WP emulator for a bit.

I wanted to find out if somebody who’s a C#/.Net dev at day is able to release something on the WP app store without getting stuck in technobureaucratic madness (spoiler: yup). Continue reading Continue reading

Wikipedia: Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island (Bouvetøya) is an uninhabited subantarctic volcanic island and dependency of Norway located in the South Atlantic Ocean.

It is the most remote island in the world, approximately 2,200 kilometres south-southwest of the coast of South Africa. After a dispute with the United Kingdom, it was declared a Norwegian dependency in 1930.

Unlike Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land, which are subject to the Antarctic Treaty System, Bouvetøya is not disputed. The dependency status entails that the island is not part of the Kingdom of Norway, but is still under Norwegian sovereignty.

The harsh climate and ice-bound terrain limits vegetation to fungi (ascomycetes including lichens) and non-vascular plants (mosses and liverworts).

Dev notes: About shading

Shading is super important in 3D computer graphics because it helps you understand what form an object has and where it is positioned in space. Basically, it helps our brain fill in the missing depth information.

It’s usually a two step process. First you compute how much light the faces of an object are receiving. This depends on their orientation towards the light source. If you hold a piece of cardboard in front of a lightbulb, the front side will be illuminated and the backside will be dark. If you turn it sideways, both sides will be somewhat illuminated.
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