Anime Gems: Usagi Drop

A young man attends the funeral of his grandfather and learns about said grandfather’s illegitimate six-year-old daughter. Since the mother is unknown and the rest of the family refuses to associate with her, he decides to take her into his care.

Usagi Drop is a story about family, growing up and supporting each other, and what makes it special is the way it just lets everybody be. The characters have flaws, fears and are helpless in face of the new situations they end up in. But they get their chance to improve, to learn and make their lives better. Nobody gets thrown under the bus for the sake of a dramatic storyline.

In some way, it lacks dramatic suspense. But it makes up for it with being peaceful, uplifting and positively inspiring. It is simply an enjoyable experience, it feels authentic and down to earth. It’s a rare gem in that way, pretending to be a family drama while actually being a lighthearted slice-of-life story in disguise.

Highly recommended if you’re up for something more serious that will still make you smile.