Anime Gems: Dennou Coil

In the near future, augmented reality has become a commodity.

Dennou Coil tells the story of children who are growing up with the virtual world. They discover obsolete, discarded versions of the augmented network, a shadow reality with a life of its own.

Dennou Coil is a blueprint for augmented reality. It is a vision of how virtual spaces are fused with reality, how we can interact with an augmented realm. But the series goes beyond that.

Humans shape their surroundings and environments, and in turn they are influenced by it. But what if you don’t own your reality anymore, what if somebody decides to change the surroundings that define who you are? And what happens if your reality… has a bug?

What’s surprising about the show is how it hasn’t aged. Dennou Coil aired in early 2007, years before Google Glass and even before the release of the first Iphone and the breakthrough of the mobile internet. It gives answers to questions that today’s discussion about technology and ethics hasn’t even come up with yet.

You should watch this for its deep philosophical insights, its convincing presentation of augmented reality, or if you’re interested in transhumanism in general.