Anime Gems: Humanity has declined

Humanity has declined (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita) is set in a postapocalyptic world after the downfall of human civilization. The remaining population is struggling to rebuild a society from the ruins.

So much for the setup. The show manages to keep this storyline up for a few minutes of the first episode, then throws it all out the window and proceeds to tell stories about tiny elves and headless chickens and magical spoons and lots of sweets – actually the show is mostly about elves and sweets.

And absurdities. This show goes ways for a punchline, then it wallows around in its outlandish setups, pleased with itself and its alienated audience. And I totally respect that, because it’s hilarious. The protagonist is a cute but cynical girl, there’s sunshine and happiness and nature, and when there’s not something offbeat going on, it’s still enjoyable for its calm and pleasant storytelling.

The artwork is quite nice, no matter its strangeness. And the opening song is a kickass pop-punk track from the ever so talented nano*Ripe. So if your mind happens to resonate with this kind of offbeat humour, give it a try.