Anime Gems: Moyashimon

Moyashimon is about two freshmen students who just enrolled in Tokyo University of Agricultural Sciences. And one of them can see microbes! Now, isn’t that something?

Moyashimon is an anime about students at an agricultural university, and the weird exploits of their professors and upperclassmen. It’s quirky and cute and you get to learn a whole lot about microbes, and how humans have learned to utilize them for food production and other things. Since home brewing seems to have become popular recently: if you are interested in brewing alcoholic beverages or food preparation, you will definitely enjoy this.

It might not be blockbuster material, but it’s a pleasant series that is worth watching. It’s relaxed and down-to-earth. A second season aired in 2012 and continues where the original series left off.

Watch it for the cute microbes and interesting microbiological facts.