Anime Gems: Yokohama Shopping Log

“The festival-like world had slowly settled to a leisurely pace.
To think that an era came to its twilight so pleasantly –
The dangerous times have since been called the ‘Age of Evening Calm’
I think I will continue watching this twilight world as long as time flows.”

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is a collection of stories set in a world that is slowly coming to an end. The small number of humans who are still left have reverted to a quiet, simple life. The protagonist, a girl called Alpha, runs a coffee shop far out in the coastal countryside.

The series consists of two OVAs and four episodes in total, released in 1998 and 2002. The episodes each tell a short story of Alpha spending her days preparing coffee, taking photographs, touring the countryside on her motor scooter and meeting the few other inhabitants in the area.

It is about solitude and tranquility, melancholical memories of the past and the positive spirit of enjoying the little things in daily life. The presentation is simple yet beautiful, taking its time with little details in the scenery. Do not expect a flashy show, just watch it and enjoy a moment of calm.

You can watch all four episodes here.