Anime Gems Season 2: FLCL

FLCL means Fooly Cooly or Fury Curry.
FLCL also means messing around or having sex, depending on who you ask.
Or maybe it doesn’t really mean anything.

FLCL is about having babyboomers and aging hippies for parents who never understood life in the first place. About how it doesn’t matter if there’s a future or not because it would be just as pointless as the present. It’s a kind of MTV punk that doesn’t ask for the meaning of things. Life is fast, then you die, and sometimes you get run over by a bass guitar wielding space pirate girl.

FLCL has its own full length soundtrack by the rockband The Pillows, somewhat making the show a three hour music clip because it’s such a perfect fit. It’s a confusing mess of drawing styles and a plot that is flying by with insane speed. Watch it ten times and you’ll still be confused, and melancholic because it just keeps punching you in places where you’ve been trying to save your positive outlook.

But you shouldn’t listen to me. FLCL was one of the first anime series I ever watched, and damn do I still cherish it for all the memories it brings back. I can’t believe how long ago this has been. By the way, life is pointless, you heard it here first. Go watch FLCL!