Anime Gems Season 3: Cromartie High School

We’re living in a world of badasses, so you and I don’t feel scared when you see someone who looks tough. But that’s why a normal guy can be intimidating. Because, let’s say there’s one rabbit hanging out with a bunch of lions. Wouldn’t you think: That rabbit is one hell of a rabbit?

Cromartie High! A school full of delinquents – badasses like The Guy Without A Nickname, the Gorilla, the Robot, Freddy, the dude with the mohawk and the somewhat normal guy Kamiyama.

It’s tough for these guys because life is full of misunderstandings that need to be discussed. Why is everybody drawn like an albanian assassin? Does Freddy understand Japanese? And what’s the name of that song everybody is humming?

The show is older than time itself, and full of Queen references and dramatic gesturing. There’s also that special episode with the entire cast as young ladies at the Cromartie Princess Academy. The dialogues oscillate between dadaistic nonsense and deeply philosophical insights. This is your chance to learn about the fine nuances of transcendent humour! I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to watch this right now.