Anime Gems Season 4: Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

To keep up with modern times, old widow Isohata decides to turn her curry restaurant into a maid cafe, and blackmails teenager Hotori into part-time working as a waitress. It’s a slow and quiet town and neither of them have much of an idea what a maid cafe actually is, so the Maid Seaside Café ends up being a curry shop that also serves coffee, and where the local shopkeepers hang out after work.

For slice-of-life logic reasons, the Maid Seaside Café ends up attracting Hotori’s classmate Tattsun (who promptly joins them as the second-in-command maid), her childhood friend who is the son of the local fishmonger, a girl with a bass guitar, her math teacher, aliens, ghosts and the mysterious Rainbow Delight speciality.

Somebody solves a detective mystery! Somebody falls in love! Somebody plays a dramatic match of table tennis! Somebody gets run over by a truck! Somebody buys a cup of overheated instant ramen from a vending machine in a laundromat! This is one of those shows where a lot of things happen, while nothing happens. Also, a significant percentage of the cast is wearing maid costumes.

This might be the least annoying maid themed anime ever. The show is set in a relaxed small town, each episode has an original and funny storyline, characters are charming and quirky. But where this show really shines is the cameraworks. Every other cut is a small visual masterpiece. (Also, the detective mystery story is pure genius.)