Anime Gems Season 4: Hitsugi no Chaika

“That suits me fine. Bring war again, huh? Sounds good to me.”

“War is fine with me! Why don’t we let her bring back the age of war?”
You are…” – “I’m a saboteur! This peaceful world pisses me off!”

Coffin Princess Chaika is the story of two saboteurs and their client, a white-haired girl who carries a coffin and has forgotten everything – except for her goal: To collect the remains of her late father. Along their journey, they discover that her father was responsible for plunging the world into war. But now, times are peaceful again – or so they say. In the shadows, various parties are busy setting things in motion…

When it comes to fantasy anime, Hitsugi no Chaika does what it says on the tin – which would make for a fine 7/10 show. But give it the benefit of the doubt and you will find that it shines brilliantly in places where most other shows of this genre fail. An exciting, unpredictable plot, a highly original story, characters that are refreshingly competent in their grisly trade and not just for comic relief, and an alien world that goes by its own rules.

But then again, this review might be a big, fat lie and I just love the show because Chaika is a cutie.