My Ambient Music

I’ve been making ambient music since 2010 and have released my favourite pieces on They’re released under a creative commons license, so you can download them for free. If you enjoy them, drop me a line.

Subrea (2014)

Imbrium (2012)

Tour (2011)

Concretones (2010)

Skyfolk Groundfolk (2010)

A State Of Slumber (2010)

A word to my listeners

First, let me thank you for your time – I hope you enjoy my music.

The Nomoton project has come a long way and I feel that it is time to take a step back and reflect on the last years that I’ve been making music. I have decided not to release any more albums under the Nomoton name – for now, at least. While I’m not all set on future plans yet, I can already tell you that my next release will happen under a different name, maybe even in a different format.

The Nomoton project began as an experiment that turned into a hobby, however I find that I really enjoy making music so much that I want to intensify my efforts and spend some time exploring new possibilities.

Check back some time, I’ll keep this site updated about how plans are coming along. Chances are you’ll find some new goodies. You can also leave me a note at

My special thanks go to Killy ( for his loyal support and feedback.

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